Change in Class of Licensure

Currently applicable for PCP & ACP registrants (PCP -> ACP or ACP -> CCP)


  1. Identification of the Medical Practitioner, licensed in NS, providing direct or indirect supervision of the applicants practice at the class of licensure they are seeking – Please note, if an applicant cannot fulfill this requirement they can only receive a Restricted Practicing license with conditions.
  2. Proof of Professional Liability Insurance that at all times provides a minimum of $5,000,000 coverage per occurrence and $5,000,000 coverage per year, excluding legal or court costs. Links for insurance details and policies
  3. Record of Program Completion (letter of completion, diploma, or transcript)
  4. Record of Passing the Provincial Entry to Practice Examination (E.g. COPR Candidate Score Report or COPR certificate)
  5. Upon a completed application, the applicant will pay a $50 Change in Class fee.

The application is available in the CPNS Registrant Portal