From another Canadian Jurisdiction


  1. A complete Initial Registration and Licensure Application, which includes all requisite documentation.
  2. Proof of legal name, which may be in the form of a Government issued birth certificate, marriage license, or legal affidavit.
  3. Proof of identification, which may be in the form of a copy of their drivers license or passport, or other government issued photo identification.
  4. Evidence of Canadian Citizenship or Legal Entitlement to live and work in Canada, which may be in the form of a Canadian Birth Certificate or documentation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  5. Verification of Registration/Licensure with a different Regulated Health Care Profession (if applicable)
  6. Criminal Record Search with Vulnerable Record Check or International Criminal Record Search with Vulnerable Record Check (must include all current and former names including middle names). Current within the three months prior to the applicant’s registration and/or licensure.
  7. Proof of Professional Liability Insurance that at all times provides a minimum of $5,000,000 coverage per occurrence and $5,000,000 coverage per year, excluding legal or court costs. Links for insurance details and policies
  8. Electronic copy of the Initial Registration and Licensure Application Form, which is generated automatically once the form is completed.
  9. Any additional information required by the Registrar, Registration Committee or Registration Appeals Committee, when the applicants file is being assessed for completion.
  10. Verification of Certification/Registration as a paramedic in another Canadian province or territory – Note this is required for every province where the paramedic holds a license/registration to practice.
  11. Resume detailing employment and education history including paramedic, or other regulated health care profession employment of the applicant.
  12. Continuing Competency Development – Note this must be similar to the College’s Continuing Competency Program requirements for each year.
  13. English Language Proficiency Scores (if applicable) – Note this is a requirement for any English as a Second Language (ESL) applicant who registered and licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction, where they were not required to provide proof of English Language proficiency for registration and licensure.
  14. Upon a completed and successful application, the applicant will pay a $535 Registration & Licensure fee.

Please note documents received by the College without an application will not be accepted and destroyed upon receipt.

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College Registration & Licensure Policies

Verification of Registration Form
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