License Renewal

College of Paramedics of Nova Scotia license renewal is open February 1 annually. Renewal applications are due on or before March 15 annually.

The annual license renewal process is one tool that allows the College to ensure it serves and protects the public interest, in the practice of paramedicine, by confirming all members are current in their practice, through the use of the College’s Continuing Competency Program. The renewal process ensures member data is both up to date and accurate. Additionally, as a member of the Nova Scotia Regulated Health Professions Network, the College is obligated to collaborate with the Department of Health and Wellness to gather data that permits evidence-based decision making in respect to health workforce planning. Any data collected and provided to the Department is de-identified.

All information provided by the applicant must be true and valid. If an applicant provides any inaccurate, false, or misleading information, omits required information or submits any documents during the application process that have been altered, tampered with or forged will have their application assessment immediately cancelled and will be prohibited from applying to the College in the future. This rule applies to all information/documents received during the application process, including written correspondence from the applicant.

An applicant who possesses documentation that is not presented in the English Language must have the documentation translated to English by a certified translator. Then, the certified translator is to submit the documentation directly to the College. Any costs associated with the translation and submission of documents is the responsibility of the applicant.

The annual license renewal process requires the College to ensure that a member who is renewing their license:

  • Completes the Annual License Renewal Forms;
  • Provides all supporting documentation; and
  • Pays the annual license renewal fees.

The annual license renewal fee is $535.00. Annual license renewal fees paid between February 1 and March 31 for the following license year may be refunded if the applicant indicates they will not be practicing in the following year and they request the refund prior to April 1. The applicant will receive a refund (electronic funds transfer) for the balance if they;

  • withdraw their application,
  • fail to complete the application process within 6 months of their original application submission date, or
  • are denied licensure.

If a member does not complete the annual license renewal requirements two weeks prior to March 31, they assume the risk of their license not being renewed by April 1, Therefore, they also assume the risk of:

  • Not possessing a license with the College;
  • Not being permitted to work as a Paramedic, until they complete the license renewal process; and
  • Incur late fees.

Late fees are applied at the rate of fifty-dollars ($50) payable on April 1 and escalating weekly by twenty-five dollars ($25) beginning on the first Monday after April 1 to a maximum of $250.

College Registration & Licensure Policies